Yukimura Katsunori

Demon of the Battlefield? Compassionate Lord? Which is the real Katsunori?


Basic Information

Name: Yukimura Katsunori
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 19
Player: PoutInvictus
Concept: Noble warrior leading a double life, feared demon of warfare, beloved aristocrat
Archetypes: Dragoon (40), Aristocrat (15),

Physical Description: Depending on the persona he is currently focused on, Katsunori can convey a completely distinct aesthetic. When in the life he was naturally born into, he is a deeply handsome young man who dresses regally but with some modesty, closer to an elegant warrior than a full blown courtier. But when he dons the iron mask, he is a fearsome and imposing figure, clad in dark armor and possessing a menacing bearing.



++ Base Attributes

Body: 4
Agility: 7
Senses: 8
Knowledge: 4
Spirit: 3
Empathy: 5
Station: 8

++ Derived Attributes

Vitality: 7/7
Soul: 14/14

  • Light: 4
  • Heavy: 2
  • Critical: 1
  • Dead Box [_]

++ Karma and Fate

Karma: 55
Aiki: 5
Kiai: 0

Fate 3: Goal: Become an honorable and just ruler.
Fate 2: Goal: Defeat all my enemies and put an end to war.

Fate Total: 10

++ Arts of War

  • Typhoon Rider Style (Rank 3)
  • Rank 2 “Sworn Companion”: Can use Station to hit and defend in combat when mounted on horse. +3 bonus to damage when fighting mounted.
  • Rank 3 “War Horse”: When riding horse, speed is equal to [Agility + Station] x 10 meters per round. Bonus for Sworn Companion increases to +5.

++ Skills

  • Etiquette: 3
  • Art of Rule: 3
  • Melee Weapons: 3
  • Marksman: 3
  • Art of War: Typhoon Rider Style: 3

++ Equipment

  • Favorite horse companion
  • “Howling Dragon” (custom soulgem rifle, Damage +7, RoF 4, range 100m, Ammo 10)
  • Soulgem short sword (Damage +2, RoF 2, Ammo 4)
  • fancy clothes
  • gold jewelry (worth 10 ryo)
  • 15 soulgems

+ Archetypes

++ Dragoon (40 Karma)

  • Requires: Station 5
  • Skills: Melee Weapons (3), Marksman (3), Art of War: Typhoon Rider Style (3)
  • Primary Attributes: Agility, Senses, Station
  • Equipment (cost 17)
  • A favorite horse companion
  • “Howling Dragon” (custom soulgem rifle)
  • 15 soulgems
  • Special Abilities: None
  • Suggested Fate: Emotion: Love of Riding (name of mount)

++ Aristocrat/Princess (15 Karma)

  • Requires: Station 2
  • Skills: Etiquette (3), Art of Rule (3)
  • Primary Attributes: Spirit, Station
  • Suggested Fate: Emotion: Loyalty to Domain

They say that no siblings are potentially more deadly as Fuuka and Katsunori when they fight. Some argue over what this means, as disagreements between the two tend to be as tempestuous as they are rare. Others speculate that though they’ve never fought alongside each other in the same battle, if they ever did, it would obliterate armies. A whirlwind and the tide produce a tsunami, but so too do colliding clouds produce thunder. It’s hard to tell with those two.

Katsunori, for his part, was a well-behaved child who showed an interest in horsemanship early in his life, in addition to the art of state. Focused more on social graces, posturing, practical pursuits left him unremarkable in academic topics, but none could deny his bond with his beloved steed or his ability to sway minds to his romantic notions.

A beautiful presence soon attracts predators, however. Katsunori’s insistence on arguing for progressive treatment of the peasantry, increased regulation of the acts of nobles, taken together with his jarringly harsh and stern demeanor when it came to defending these ideals and contending with those who despised them made him some enemies, all minor.

Except one. A lord of moderate but significant power despised this young upstart and his refusal to bend or compromise on his romantic notions of treating those of lesser status as equal in dignity (even if they weren’t in birth) and his push for less war. He perceived the Yukimura aristocrat as an arrogant and naive upstart, weak in battle and troublesome in court.

Striking your enemy where his heart is tends to serve as a good means of killing him. Attacking Yukimura Fuuka would be foolhardy, as she was no softskinned princess and dangerous in her own right, so Lord Kiba set his sights on someone else: Katsunori’s four-hooved brother. In a two-pronged attack, Kiba took the horse and turned it into an onikage in its own right, twisting its body and making it samurai. His next move was to isolate the young officer in war and send his mutated steed after him so he’d feel pure horror and agony in his final moments, his intended punishment for making waves.

What ended up happening is considered astounding even by the most learned war scholar. Officially, Katsunori achieved no significant victories during this war, and he did indeed have to confront his monstrous friend. It is believed he slew him then and there and, filled with great sorrow, feebly limped back to his home. They say that he spent a good deal of his wealth in geisha and other counselors to restore his emotional state to stability. He is viewed more compassionately than as pathetic.

But something else occurred. During the same war, a horseman clad in dark colors and leading a small army of elite mercenaries emerged from the fog. A menacing sword was in his right hand, and his steed breathed not nor did it flinch before any stone in the field or spear wall. Indeed, its hooves trampled whole infantry units flat while its rider’s sword flashed and cut through air as well as throats. And always with those nameless mercenaries following in his wake. Before Kiba’s forces could call for help or withdraw, they were slaughtered completely. Inoshishiyama Kiba fled to his closest palace, but to no avail, as the warriors were right on his heels.

And then, though the mercenaries turned a counterattack into a siege, the ruthless rider simply left.

It is possible that this rider and Yukimura Katsunori are the same man. But do you really believe this? Katsunori is a trained rifleman, more concerned with matters of honor and state than he is war. In fact, he despises war, and has an unremarkable record in battles. There are trustworthy witnesses who place him as consulting with monks over how to best get over his great sorrow, even.

Katsunori would have it no other way. Should the iron mask ever shatter or be pulled aside, would anyone be able to understand?

Yukimura Katsunori

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