Yin Ji


Name: Yin Ji [Silver Eyes]
Archetypes: Orphaned Oni 20, Resonant Prodigy 20, Princess 15, Entertainer 30, Travelling Performer 10, Hard Luck 5
Attribute Cost: 0
Karma: 100
Goal: Peaceful coexistence (3)
Misfortune: Markings of Rule (2)

Body 2
Agility 4
Sense 5
Knowledge 6
Spirit 8
Empathy 8
Station 6

Vitality: 10/10
Soul: 26/26
Wounds: 2/1/1/1

Art of Rule 3
Art of War: Resonant Blade 3
Etiquette 3
Evasion 2
First Aid 2
Information 3
Notice 2
Perform 3
Persuasion 3
Pillow Arts 3
Pursuit/Hunt 3
Resonance 3
Strategy 3
Willpower 3
Melee Weapons 3

Spirit Blade [+8 damage, Spirit:Melee Weapons]

Special Abilities
Alu: Heart-Speech. Empathy:Resonance roll, soul cost, to communicate with others
Dii: Telekinesis. Move objects, soul cost based on weight, opposed Body:Resonance vs Spirit:Willpower
Tse-Yi: Sha Cloak. Spirit:Resonance roll, blocks all Sha energies in [hits] meter radius for [Spirit] rounds

Small knife [+1 dmg]
Maisha [Lu-Tirae lute]
Carvings: styled after Yi Lhu, mythical wise oni leader

Orphaned Oni:
As Oni, with Resonance 3, Wilpower 3, Movement 2 instead of Movement 3 [-15 karma]

Resonant Prodigy
Karma Cost: 20
Skills: Art of War: Resonant Blade 3, Melee Weapons 3
Attribute Penalty:
Primary Attributes: Spirit
Equipment: Colorful hachimaki
Equip Cost: 5
Special Abilities: Tae Rayi – Tse-Yi (The Cloak) 5

Karma Cost: 30
Skills: Perform 3, Pillow Arts 3, Persuasion 3 45
Attribute Penalty: 0
Primary Attributes: Empathy
Equipment: Attractive kimono, makeup
Equip cost: 0


Born to and raised by two oni living in the forests and mountains of Matsurugi; she frequently slipped off to play with several of the human village children, disguising herself with a hachimaki over her horns, as well as long clothes to cover the elaborate carvings – artfully reminiscent of those of a hero of Lu-Tirae lore, given to Yin in the hopes of guidance towards a better life.

Unfortunately, near the end of the chaos preceding the regency, her parents were forced to take her and flee into hiding to avoid heart-hunters. After several years on the road, staying in no place for long her parents’ hands were forced by an unfortunate encounter; they had her hide as a human, while they drew the hunters away.

Weeks passed without word, and she was left to fend for herself, doing what she could for food and money – music, song, occasional theft, tricking.. Hearing word of the regency and growing stability of her home, she gradually ventured back to investigate the rumors herself.

While her parents had instilled in her a desire for a peaceful life, Yin fears that is a long way off, and that there is little she can do to bring peace…

Yin Ji

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