alix.jpgName: Akemi
Archetypes: Half-Ayakashi (15), Aristocrat (15), Traveling Performer (10), Onmyouji – Taoist Sorcerer (50)
Karma: 90
Attribute Penalty: 0

Body: 3
Agility: 5
Senses: 5
Knowledge: 8
Spirit: 8
Empathy: 7
Station: 4

Soul: 20/32
Vitality: 11


Movement (3), Notice (3), Etiquette (3), Art of Rule (3), Onmyojutsu 4, Pillow Arts 3, Performance (3), Information (2), Willpower (2)
Special Skills: Weird half-ayakashi powers.
Mindreading level 4
Hallucinations level 1
Shapechanging level 1

Onmyouji magic.
Equipment: fancy clothes, gold jewelry (worth at least 10 ryo), instrument, costume, Kimenkyo and abacus, ink and brush, 9 shiki strips, 5 soulgems
Weakness: Taboo: Cannot Break Promises (4)
Fate: Secret: is a half-ayakashi (2), Loyalty: to regent (3)
Destiny: Discover evidence of the conspiracy backing Winter’s Spear.

Aiki chits: 1

Additional Damage x 4
Flight x 1
Sense Link
Ranged Attack x 3
Regeneration x 1
Poison x 2


Who am I…?

Akemi has never had a place, and never felt as if he knew himself. Not truly. He was the bastard son of Torayama Shigetsune, the younger brother of the ruling lord of the Torayama clan, now a vassal lord under the new Regent, his father over-ambitious and chafing beneath the rule of Fujiwara Kiyoko (for he’d been building his power base to make a play for Regent himself, before the Northern Court Empress named the Iron Feather Goddess as Regent). His father, in fact, had been the mastermind of the plan that had nearly destroyed the Fujiwara years before – though known far, far less for that deed, and more as the “Heavenly Strategist”, a man who had never been defeated in battle, and who was highly ambitious and despised weakness in all forms.

There were stories, of course, about where his strange bastard son had come from – stories that he had fallen in love with a maiden that lived in the spirit-haunted forest, that their affair had resulted in the baby, that the maiden had walked into the midst of open court carrying a basket with their child inside, dropped the basket on the floor and disappeared, with no one able to catch her.

Whatever the truth, Akemi grew up on the edges of his family, lonely and never-quite-wanted, though perhaps ironically, his childhood was happy – he was sent away to the Yukimura family, one of his father’s vassals, to keep him out of the way, and he had friends., and once he came out of his shell, he was cheerful and genuinely happy.

Of course, that would change six years ago – his friends were conscripted into war, and while Akemi wasn’t made to go (just pushed aside, useless), everything that followed would wear on him. He never went to war, at least not physically, never fought – but those that did brought the war back with them in more than simply their physical scars, they carried it with them in their minds and hearts…and he could read their minds, a power born from his mother’s blood.

(there were whispers, and always had been, that his mother had been a kitsune, a fox-woman, and that he was half a fox himself, and he held silent on the strange powers that he’d begun to exhibit)

And while he understands that his friends had no choice in breaking their promises, because sometimes there isn’t a choice, and feels terrible for his resentment – especially because he hadn’t suffered like they had – he feels, with every promise he makes a chain around his heart, a weight he cannot break, that it would have simply have been better for them to have never made the promise to begin with, that it would have hurt so much less.

(Humans make too many promises. Never make a promise that you can’t, don’t intend, won’t, keep)

Akemi devoted the years to learning the art of the onmyouji, throwing himself headlong into taoist sorcery, and had been living alone in a small house in the forest, to find some measure of peace, to keep himself free of his father’s ambitions (and prevent him from realizing how far in the art he had progressed), when his childhood friend Fuuka’s older brother actually sought him out to recruit him, and he left his sanctuary, left the forest, came back to live among humans again.

It all comes back, in the end, to a promise.


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