Yōnen-ki no yūjō Monogatari

Log: 8/13

(6:51:15 PM) Logos: And so it is that Our Heroes find themselves on the outskirts of the village of Mizudori, the midway point between the region’s capital and Yasogami forest. Mizudori is not much different from most villages – three thin-walled, long row houses surrounding a small well of wood and loose stones, with the flat, bright green rice paddies surrounding them. The road turns sharply on its way out of the village, but night is falling, and
(6:51:15 PM) Logos: the smell of boiling rice and grilling river fish is quite an enticement
(6:54:17 PM) Tsuna: That is indeed an enticing smell. Rice balls only go so far…but then again, every moment resting is one where Winter’s Spear’s forces may be able to act. “Tch. Quite the dilemma.”
(6:55:05 PM) Katsunori is up at a decent hour and sees about fish.
(6:55:20 PM) Fuuka: Rice? Rice. Rice and fish. That sounds so good. Fuuka pops her head out of Black KNight’s cockpit. “…Is that grilled mackerel?”
(6:55:48 PM) Tsuna: “Smells like it.” …Maybe they could get some to go.
(6:56:02 PM) Katsunori: Why did she bring the Yor-“Why are we bringing Black Knight?”
(6:56:23 PM) Fuuka: Right now, though, she’s finding a place to stop the yoroi. “Because I believe in being prepared, Nori-tan.”
(6:57:15 PM) Tsuna shrugs. “Because it’s a weapon.” Just like himself, he thought for a pause. “If they strike here, better to have it than not.”
(6:57:40 PM) Yin-Ji: …tempting. Yin Ji ties her colorful bandana up, nodding. “We don’t know if this Winter Spear is ready to strike. A weapon is mostly only threatening when pointed… so, er, just don’t point it at them.”
(6:59:37 PM) Katsunori: “We’re going to terrify them.”
(6:59:40 PM) Fuuka: “I don’t draw a weapon unless it’s to protect.” Fuuka rolls her eyes, and the yoroi kneels it’s front two legs so she can hop out.
(6:59:55 PM) Fuuka: "Besides, we can leave Hajime in Black Knight until he wakes up.
(7:00:19 PM) Yin-Ji gives her a smile. “Anti-theft Hajime.” She stifles a laugh at the bad joke.
(7:01:11 PM) Fuuka: “If he manages to steal my yoroi, he’s earned it.” She shrugs. “But I don’t think he’ll try.”
(7:01:30 PM) Yin-Ji: “…I meant he’s protection against thieves. Why would you think I’d think he’d steal it?”
(7:01:59 PM) Fuuka: “….I don’t know.”
(7:02:35 PM) Tsuna: “So I suspect we should stop long enough to get food, and then be on our way.”
(7:03:26 PM) Yin-Ji: “I’ll ask around if they’ve heard or seen anything.” She smiles, finishing tying back her hair. “I mean, it’s unlikely he’d attack at just the time we show up, but they might have seen movement.”
(7:04:11 PM) Logos: The sound of Black Knight stomping along the village’s narrow road has attracted the attention of the villagers, and a small crowd is starting to form in the square. Their clothes are largely little more than rags, and most of them are still wearing folded headbands from their time in the fields. The village’s elders, gray-haired and bent from years of labour, step forward to greet the travelers with a low bow.
(7:04:37 PM) Tsuna bows his head to the elders
(7:04:46 PM) Katsunori: “This is so subtle.” He tries to wave and generally be charismatic. Which normally isn’t hard, but, well.
(7:04:48 PM) Katsunori: Big O.
(7:05:06 PM) Tsuna: Once again, shouldercapes are a blessing
(7:05:49 PM) Akemi bows in respectful greeting to the elders, bending his spine to the precise degree of respect.
(7:06:09 PM) Fuuka: Fuuka just shrugs and bows to…the approximately the right degree. Sort of. Close enough.
(7:06:22 PM) Katsunori does similarly as Akemi.
(7:09:14 PM) Tsuna: “Greetings.”
(7:09:56 PM) Yin-Ji bows in return, more deeply to the elders in respect. “My apologies for the disturbance. We’re on our way through and the aroma of cooking drew our attention…” She smiles, as friendly as possible, despite the giant metal warrior figure behind them. “Could we impose upon your hospitality an evening, sharing in our own as well as stories from afar?…”
(7:13:21 PM) Logos: One of the elders unfolds her hand and steps forward from the rest of the group “I am Enko, the headwoman of Mizudori. Welcome to our village, my lady.” she seems to be speaking directly to Fuuka here “Please allow me to respectfully inquire as to what brings you to our village?”
(7:14:15 PM) Katsunori: “Coincidence and hunger, mostly.” he smiles a little.
(7:15:15 PM) Fuuka: “We are traveling through this area, and seeking a place to stop for the night.” She manages at least. Something of a smile. Why are they addressing her she’s //not in charge//. “We don’t intent to disturb you any longer than the night, honored headwoman.”
(7:16:08 PM) Katsunori: “I will compensate you for any expenses we incur.”
(7:19:29 PM) Logos: “Of course, we will be more than happy to accomodate you and your servants, my lord, my lady”
(7:20:03 PM) Logos: The crowd begins to disperse back to their homes, leaving just the elders. “We have little to offer, but what we have is – of course – yours”
(7:22:13 PM) Katsunori: Welp he’s clearly paying for everyone. He starts making arrangement.
(7:23:34 PM) Fuuka: “Just…dinner and a place to sleep, that’s all we require, really.” She feels very deeply uncomfortable with this. Thank god Hajime’s not awake to hear them being called servants.
(7:23:36 PM) Fuuka: Christ.
(7:23:42 PM) Fuuka: Or some other Deity.
(7:23:56 PM) Tsuna is resisting visibly chafing at being called a servant
(7:27:40 PM) Katsunori: Okay then change that line to “I graciously accept whatever food you give my companions as a great compliment to me and thank you for your hospitality.”
(7:29:03 PM) Fuuka: Right, let’s. Just let Katsunori do the talking. He can be in charge. Not her!
(7:29:10 PM) Fuuka: She’s not the leader, goddammit.
(7:29:30 PM) Logos: Several villagers emerge to take charge of the group’s horses and lead Our Heroes into one of the row houses. The appointments are spartan by any standard, though people are already bringing in enough futons for all six travelers, as well as pots of rice and skewered grilled mackerel.
(7:31:51 PM) Katsunori generally acts the part because… well he actually is the part nevermind. He tends to try to get away with not lording over serfs but tradition is important and so is making people feel that their lives are getting stuff done so… honorable and regal noble it is! Even if it bugs him sometimes.
(7:33:25 PM) Tsuna: Grudgingly, Tsuna gives thanks for the rice and skewered mackerel, leaving the skewers over the top of the pot, before moving outside. He figured he could at least listen to hearsay as he ate outside in the cool air.
(7:34:22 PM) Katsunori: … you know what this agriculture needs to be upgraded. And those roofs will not keep out much rain.
(7:34:31 PM) Tsuna: …holding the pot on his legs as he uses his left hand to eat. The right arm stayed under the shouldercape, thank you very much.
(7:34:32 PM) Katsunori: Katsunori get that look off your face. Stop it.
(7:34:36 PM) Fuuka: Skewered makerel! Fuuka is more than happy to take a share of skewered makerel and rice…and snag another share to bring back to the monk they left back over in yon giant robot. “Yo, Hajime!”
(7:34:39 PM) Katsunori: Stop ii-nope we’re going to bring progress.
(7:34:43 PM) Katsunori: These people are too nice.
(7:36:31 PM) Tsuna: Delicious skewered mackerel indeed. Tsuna noms away at his.
(7:37:27 PM) Akemi absently picks at his share of the mackerel and rice, more occupied with his ink, brush, and prayer strips
(7:38:46 PM) Tsuna: “Tch. Been a while since I’ve had something of this sort.”
(7:39:30 PM) Yin-Ji offers gratitude for the meal, eating her share before stepping outside, taking her lute from her back and uncovering it, beginning to strum softly. Not so much payment, but, music often gets tongues loosened and raises spirits….
(7:40:03 PM) Katsunori: We’re goign to progress the shit out of this place.
(7:41:00 PM) Katsunori mostly spends time listening to villager concerns and enjoying fish. He has obligations to them too.
(7:41:18 PM) Tsuna shifts to listen to the music more clearly as he ate
(7:42:02 PM) Katsunori: He periodically tries to remind that he’s a minor noble but then realizes they don’t care.
(7:45:10 PM) Fuuka: Well if Hajime isn’t going to answer she’s going to climb up there and bring him fish and rice. :T
(7:45:32 PM) Hajime: The compartment opens, he takes the fish and rice, and obviously considers closing it again.
(7:45:50 PM) Tsuna asides to Yin-Ji. “I’ve been meaning to ask. Where’d you learn that song, anyway?”
(7:46:56 PM) Logos: Fortunately, that decision is taken out of Hajime’s hands by the sound of a tremendous, earthshaking roar from somewhere beyond the rice paddies.
(7:47:24 PM) Fuuka: “…” That didn’t sound good. “…Hajime, you might wanna get out now.”
(7:47:25 PM) Hajime: …Closing the hatch again?
(7:47:37 PM) Fuuka: Not before she’s in there, he ain’t.
(7:47:42 PM) Hajime: “Fine, fine.” He’s out, he’s up.
(7:47:58 PM) Fuuka: “I can’t pilot this with you eating over my elbow!”
(7:48:07 PM) Tsuna: “Damnit all.” Tsuna turns to face the roar. “Oi, this happen regularly around here?” He asks the nearest villager
(7:48:25 PM) Yin-Ji smiles as she strums the lute, playing. “Wandering…-!” She frowns at the sound, looking up.
(7:50:42 PM) Akemi hears the roar and sets aside his chopsticks but takes his ink, brush, and prayer strips with him as he steps outside.
(7:50:47 PM) Fuuka: So, let’s get this started up, but she does poke her head back out. “Katsunori!”
(7:51:17 PM) Logos: The sound is accompanied by orange lights appearing in the hills on the far side of the rice paddy – lights that form a serpentine line as they begin to wind their way across the fields toward the village.
(7:52:03 PM) Fuuka: …Sigh. “Katsunori, I think it’s go time.” time to get Black Knight up and moving, heading towards the lights.
(7:52:07 PM) Logos: The villagers, for the most part, are slaming shut the sliding doors of their row houses, though some are trying to get those of their guests who have stepped outside back into the safety of the houses.
(7:52:13 PM) Katsunori: People have to know that their nobles care about them.
(7:52:26 PM) Katsunori: Sometimes “caring” is a fancy gentleman’s shotgun-like rifle.
(7:52:40 PM) Katsunori: That’s gold-tipped and makes strong men weep openly.
(7:53:01 PM) Katsunori: “I’ll follow your lead.”
(7:53:12 PM) Tsuna: “Well I’ll be damned. This may well be his army.” Tsuna draws his sword as he starts to move to intercept the army. This is what he was meant for. To fight armies. To fight wars—be it against opposed nobles or crazed bandits. It wasn’t anything special. A blade grabbed off of a dead man.
(7:53:39 PM) Yin-Ji: Okay, first glance around. Yin Ji looks to the paddies and the fields, seeing that the peasantry get to safety, glancing after the others. Worrisome.
(7:53:39 PM) Tsuna: …it wasn’t even belonging to his family.
(7:53:55 PM) Tsuna: “Yin-Ji. Do you intend to fight, or hide?” Tsuna asks her directly.
(7:55:53 PM) Fuuka: “Get the people to safety on the ground! I can’t do both from Black Knight!” She closes the hatch and starts moving.
(7:58:05 PM) Yin-Ji: “I’ll protect the town and the rear.” She frowns.
(7:59:42 PM) Tsuna: “Very well. Keep them safe.” Tsuna starts off against the army. He was…well, not Yoroi. But he was a weapon. And this was why he was brought in.
(8:00:23 PM) Akemi gently gestures to the villager trying to get him to go back inside. “Go to safety.” he says, and pushes the girl back towards the safety of the door.
(8:00:38 PM) Hajime: He sighs, stretches out in a way that is decidedly more martial than any priest should be capable of, and lifts his shakujo up, unscrewing a false bottom and pressing a hidden latch, an ornate spearhead jutting forth and expanding. “Direct me where I am best needed, let us hope for the best.”
(8:01:23 PM) Akemi continues on his way, joins Yin-Jin in her efforts.
(8:02:02 PM) Katsunori: “I will cover you from here, actually.” Now, in other, more mundane universes, “Shotgun” is synonymous with close to mid range assaults. But this is Tenra.
(8:02:06 PM) Katsunori: 2 chit no scope.
(8:02:08 PM) Katsunori: CHUK-CHUK
(8:03:05 PM) Fuuka: “Stick with Tsuna, keep them from getting to Katsunori and the village. Protecting the village should be the highest priority.” …Wait, why is she leading again?
(8:03:36 PM) Katsunori: “I agree.” Don’t say shit about ‘Crane Formations’, that would give you away, you idiot. We can do this.
(8:04:31 PM) Akemi keeps his ink and brush close at hand, but pulls out kimenkyo and abacus to help shorten necessary summoning calculations.
(8:05:24 PM) Fuuka: It’s not like Fuuka can do crane formation in a giant metal centaur with wings.
(8:06:13 PM) Logos: The line of orange lights has crossed the midway point of the fields by the time the group has made its way out of the village, and as they approach it at speed, it becomes clear that it is not, in fact, an invading army. Rather, it is an enormous creature – not dissimilar from a centipede in appearance, with a dull blue chitinous hide dotted with brilliant orange-red crystals. Its face is white and red, a hideous demon’s mask top
(8:06:13 PM) Logos: ping mandibles dripping with viscous fluid. Its length is easily three times that of Black Knight’s height, and it is barreling through the paddy at top speed, its hundreds of legs trampling and crushing the rice plants as it approaches the village.
(8:06:37 PM) Tsuna: “…NEVER FUCKING MIND.”
(8:07:00 PM) Katsunori: “Please don’t curse when children are around.”
(8:07:06 PM) Fuuka: “…//Finally!//” Fuuka starts cackling.
(8:07:10 PM) Tsuna: Apparently THAT…was not an army.
(8:07:13 PM) Fuuka: “You want a fucking fight!”
(8:07:21 PM) Katsunori: “Children are around!”
(8:07:37 PM) Fuuka: She’s gunning the engines and lighting up the wings. OH, it’s on now.
(8:08:08 PM) Tsuna: That needed the big guns. He hated showing this, but…
(8:09:05 PM) Katsunori starts lining up a shot. Eh, the children are likely focused on the fact that a pretty lady who pilots a giant armor suit is battling an even more gigantic bug who breathes horrible things. Also when this rifle goes off it will make everoyne deaf.
(8:09:19 PM) Katsunori: Decency preserved!
(8:12:19 PM) Yin-Ji: Yin Ji deftly gets to as high a point as she can to see the massive centipedal beast, studying the movements and watching her allies.
(8:16:31 PM) Katsunori: That sounds like a good idea. He starts climbing to the tallest point he can get to in a short time.
(8:17:35 PM) Yin-Ji: …Yin Ji’s probably just standing on a low wall or something, not a building.
(8:17:39 PM) Yin-Ji: She just needs to strategize.
(8:21:07 PM) Fuuka: Fuuka’s laughter cuts silent after a second, defeaned under the roar of Black Knight’s thrusters as she charges forward at high velocity, blades unfolding from the yoroi’s arms to stab into the centipede and hold it still. “You’ll come no closer, demon…your opponent’s right here!”
(8:31:18 PM) Logos: The creature whips its tail around and slams head first into Black Knight. Fuuka manages to grab the creature’s fang and holds on for several seconds, nearly forcing it to the ground before it bucks, throwing her a dozen feet into the air. She lands several yards away, in the middle of a pool of deep water, with a crash hard enough to shake the ground.
(8:32:21 PM) Fuuka: That…was not quite as planned.
(8:32:34 PM) Katsunori goes wide eyed, then narrow eyed, holding his breath for the right moment then getting it choked out of him at the startling display. Even so, hammer strikes bullet and the fancy shotgun booms, sending a slug comprised entirely of cold blood. The emptied shell is possibly on fire, side note.
(8:35:59 PM) Katsunori: Yup now everyone’s deaf. They hear thunder, but there’s no rain. This kind of thunder breaks walls and window panes.
(8:36:23 PM) Logos: Katsunori’s shot kicks up a spark as it slams into the creature’s chitinous side, causing one of the orange jewels on its back to shatter into a shower of small pieces of amber glass. The creature roars – a sound that’s half the sound of a wounded beast and half that of a human screaming in pain.
(8:36:53 PM) Hajime: Hajime plants his feet, inhales deeply, and shuts his eyes. The four rings on his weapon ring only once as he holds it flat, yet they somehow echo ceaselessly, “Nohmaku Sanmanda Bazaradan Kanman, Nohmaku Sanmanda Bazaradan Kanman…!” This was it. Either he proved he had learned something after all of these years, or him and his friends died here.
(8:37:05 PM) Hajime: …Also he was only like, half sure he knew the proper words.
(8:39:46 PM) Logos: The creature rears back, bending until its face is almost level with Hajime’s…and stopping. It stares at the monk, its fangs dripping poison as it holds its position.
(8:43:22 PM) Tsuna ducks on reflex as he sees Fuuka’s armor get sent flying overhead, and then the giant centipede…stops?
(8:45:08 PM) Akemi: “…born from malice in the human heart…” Akemi mutters, soft and creepily serene as the thunder from that shot, the echo from Fuuka’s crash into the rice paddy, rings in his ears. “Either something truly terrible has occurred, or we fight a god.” That serene detachment swallows everything else – his worry over his friends, over the villagers – as he raises the kimenkyo mirror and
(8:45:08 PM) Akemi: abacus, beads clattering beneath his fingers almost too fast to be seen as he begins to perform the calculations to summon a shikigami to be his blade against the youkai. Hajime’s ritual had given them /space/, even if only for a moment: it was up to them to use it properly.
(8:55:21 PM) Tsuna: “I was hoping not to have to use this in the time…” Tsuna cringes, grabbing the shouldercape with his left arm and tearing it off, letting the garment blow away in the wind as the Kijin arm underneath—a massive mechanical monstrosity that glinted in the light…
(8:56:53 PM) Tsuna: A cylinder slid into place as a spike ejected from the underside of the forearm. “Spiker, active!” And with that, Tsuna dashes forth, punching the ground with enough force to send himself into the air, falling towards the centipede, spiker-first…
(9:01:45 PM) Tsuna: And so he strikes the centipede right in the center of the head, the spike ramming straight into the monster’s head with a crash—and shoots further in as a loud “BANG” erupts from the spiker, the flash of a round exploding visible from the mechanisms of the arm. Right before Tsuna jumps off before it throws him away…
(9:02:08 PM) Tsuna: …the cylinder rotates as he lands.
(9:02:46 PM) Yin-Ji: Yin Ji gulps some, nerves tense, before she makes her way through the paddies, hands raised to show she was unarmed – startling a moment at Tsuna’s powerful launch and falling comet strike. So that’s why he’s sore… She shakes her head, before returning her attention to the centipede, speaking directly and firmly, voice echoing across the paddy with power.
(9:02:47 PM) Yin-Ji: “You’re hurting. But this village hasn’t hurt you! Let us help you or turn back!” …on the one hand, they’d just punched and shot the shit out of it so it might not be too open to listen, but on the other hand, maybe that’d knock some sense into it…
(9:07:25 PM) Logos: The creature whips its head around and roars at Yin-Ji before turning back toward the way it came. As it walks away from the village, a great mist rises up around it, and when the mist disappates, it is gone.
(9:07:25 PM) Katsunori leaps without thinking, hitting the ground from his high spot and sprinting over to Fuuka, quickly putting his rifle away and hurriedly seeing if he can pop the Black Knight open. She’s just injured, right? Right?!
(9:07:44 PM) Logos: The villagers begin to emerge from their homes, some rush over to start digging Black Knight out of the mud.
(9:08:15 PM) Yin-Ji stands firm, hands trembling a moment before she sinks to her knees, giving a great sigh of relief and catching her breath.
(9:08:34 PM) Tsuna: “Tch…” Tsuna walks to find the shouldercape before more people start seeing that arm—the ammo cylinder extends downwards as the spiker retracts into the underside.
(9:08:35 PM) Katsunori: This is all internal, of course. What onlookers see is a slightly concerned eyebrow. It’s not a mask of iron, but the man others look up to doesn’t get to show emotion much. It’s why geisha make him happy. He can be human around him. But right now he must not be human, he must be Lord Katsunori, who acts without fear and all haste.
(9:09:31 PM) Katsunori: His feet hurt and nnnnowwww heeeeee’s pulled an arm muscle or two as he starts getting that cockpit open, not waiting for help.
(9:09:35 PM) Tsuna: Because that arm is proof he is not human. Less than human. A tool for the nobility—a weapon.
(9:09:35 PM) Logos: Black Knight looks intact, if desperately in need of a hosing down. The same can also be said for its pilot – though fortunately for Fuuka, the cockpit is at least water tight.
(9:10:19 PM) Fuuka: This is. Going to take a minute to get out of. Friggin’ rice paddies.
(9:10:42 PM) Fuuka: She is, however, flipping off Katsunori in the process.
(9:11:09 PM) Fuuka: She’s turned off the intercom, so the stream of swearing is faint and still absolutely filthy.
(9:11:18 PM) Logos: The elders approach Katsunori as the younger villagers work on digging Fuuka out. “We apologize – we had no idea that the creature would attack us again. We thought that it had been driven off for good after the last time,”
(9:11:35 PM) Akemi takes a moment to gently caress the head of the bird shikigami he’d summoned, wind from its wings blowing his robes around him, whispers a soothing word of thanks and respect into its ear before he binds it into one of the white flower kanzashi he wears, and since he’s near Yin-Ji, will step up to her and help her up. “That was well done.” he says, quietly. “Not many could have
(9:11:35 PM) Akemi soothed the heart of such a spirit.”
(9:11:46 PM) Katsunori: His first impulse is to hug her and smile in response. But what she gets is: “Oh, good. Well done, villagers. The damage seems superficial. Not to worry, now it is a certainty that it will leave you be.”
(9:12:48 PM) Tsuna reaffixes the shouldercape, not caring quite what shape it’s in—or how wet it may be from where it landed.
(9:13:10 PM) Katsunori: “Please clean the Black Knight’s hull. Fuuka is very particular about its maintenance.”
(9:13:17 PM) Fuuka: Once enough is cleared, Fuuka manages to get Black Knight to lurch out of the patty onto more solid ground, before popping open the hatch. “…That didn’t quite go as I envisioned it—Katsunori.”
(9:14:06 PM) Yin-Ji: Yin Ji smiles to Akemi slightly. “I didn’t want it to hurt anyone…”
(9:13:28 PM) Yin-Ji: Sighing in relief, Yin Ji slowly stands up, looking over her mud-stained clothes and legs. Damn. She steps out of the paddy, making her way over to Black Knight and Katsunori. She looks to the elder. “It’s troubled you before, then?”
(9:13:32 PM) Logos: “I am not so certain, my lord. We believed that it was defeated months ago, shortly after it first appeared – a wandering ronin passed through the village and tracked it to its lair, and it did not trouble us any more, but now? The beast has returned and I fear that it may resume its nightly raids.”
(9:13:41 PM) Hajime: He opens his eyes, indistinct chanting now more slurred words being mumbled on lack of breath finally coming to a stop. “Well… well done.” He smiles and finds the bottom sheathe to his spear.
(9:13:42 PM) Katsunori offers to help her up.
(9:14:20 PM) Tsuna returns to the scene after his cover is reattached. “After that wound? It’ll take some time to recover at the very least.”
(9:14:28 PM) Fuuka: She sounds weary as she crawls down.
(9:14:57 PM) Katsunori: “Are you alright?”
(9:15:05 PM) Fuuka: “As long as the mud is cleaned out, he’ll run fine—I’m unhurt, save my pride.”
(9:15:17 PM) Fuuka: “Which frankly may be irreperably damaged.”
(9:15:44 PM) Akemi: “I wonder how long it will remain calmed.”
(9:15:52 PM) Yin-Ji: “… it might have been disturbed by Winter Spear.” She frowns in thought. “I think we should investigate. If he’s driving it outwards and using it as a weapon, quelling it will deny him strength…”
(9:16:25 PM) Yin-Ji: “…and even if it’s unrelated, it’s one less worry to not have it at our backs while we deal with him.”
(9:16:36 PM) Katsunori: “It’ll heal.” Winter Spear… could he have done this on purpose?
(9:17:13 PM) Akemi: “Even if it were not on purpose, it’s strength grows with the suffering he inflicts.”
(9:17:51 PM) Tsuna: “I’m doubting he’d utilize something of that sort, what with that denying his own men the opportunity to fight”
(9:18:52 PM) Katsunori: “True, it doesn’t fit the profile.”
(9:19:11 PM) Fuuka: "…If we’re going, give me a minute. " She’ll climb back up and pull a gemblade out of it’s compartment in Black Knight’s cockpit, before hopping back down. They have no idea how hard it was to get a scabbard for this thing.
(9:19:19 PM) Logos: “…Winter Spear, my lord?”
(9:19:26 PM) Fuuka: “We can’t leave it alone, either way, right?”
(9:19:51 PM) Akemi: “It is a spirit born of the malice and darkness in the hearts of men, and a powerful one. Either something truly terrible has occured that allowed it to be given form – possible given the atrocities he has inflicted – or simply a youkai, nigh onto a god, that feeds upon it.”
(9:19:53 PM) Logos: “That was the name of the warrior who – we thought – had defeated the creature the first time. He did not return to the village – we believed he had died of his wounds”
(9:20:06 PM) Yin-Ji: …./well/.
(9:20:15 PM) Fuuka: “…” Well then.
(9:20:16 PM) Katsunori: “That is very curious.”
(9:21:20 PM) Tsuna: “What it is…the extent of our mission would be to kill it anyway.”
(9:22:37 PM) Katsunori: “That’s true.”
(9:23:06 PM) Akemi: Of course they can’t leave it alone, but it’s merely a symptom of the ills plaguing the land.
(9:23:50 PM) Tsuna: “Either we’ll kill it now, or we deal with it after we deal with Winter’s Spear.”
(9:24:04 PM) Fuuka: “Tsuna, watch what you’re saying.”
(9:24:18 PM) Akemi: Suffering begets suffering, and the spirits of the land respond to that resonance.
(9:24:21 PM) Fuuka: Did he not //hear// them just say the man had posed as a hero for them?
(9:25:11 PM) Tsuna: It didn’t matter if he had. The problem is //who he is now//
(9:25:15 PM) Yin-Ji frowns some, looking to the elder. “I worry, elder, that the ayakashi may have corrupted rather than slain him, and turned him into a wicked man. Our objective, them, is to put his anguished spirit to rest…”
(9:25:45 PM) Fuuka: How about //not pissing people off who could help with that//?!
(9:25:55 PM) Yin-Ji: Yeah, probably not the truth, but no sense making them conflicted.
(9:26:19 PM) Katsunori: “We’ll take care of it and do everything in our power to keep your village safe.” That was ominous.
(9:26:29 PM) Katsunori: “Everything.” he goes to get more fish.
(9:26:37 PM) Logos: “Thank you my lord. We’ll leave everything in your hands”
(9:27:09 PM) Tsuna: …the rice and fish had probably gone cold by well. So it would seem.
(9:27:52 PM) Fuuka: “We shouldn’t leave it be until we return…whether Yin-Ji can soothe it entirely or we have to send it on the more, uh, painful way, we really can’t assume it won’t have just wiped these people out by the time we’re done.”
(9:28:10 PM) Hajime: “Tsuna, you make me recall an old proverb.” He’s also finding his cold fish and rice.
(9:29:44 PM) Tsuna: “Very well. Annihilating this…thing…would be our first priority.” Tsuna goes back to retrieving his food, once again only using his left hand for the consumption of the food. “And what sort of old proverb?”
(9:30:18 PM) Hajime: His smile fades some. “The mouth is the front gate of all misfortune.”
(9:30:26 PM) Katsunori is going to hire Tsuna as a retainer just so he can fire him.
(9:30:28 PM) Yin-Ji: So violent. Yin Ji sighs softly, sitting in thought. She does, however, stifle a soft laugh at the proverb.
(9:31:07 PM) Akemi: The corner of his lips quirk upward every so slightly.
(9:31:14 PM) Fuuka: Snerk. Fuuka coughs to hide her laugh, before going to sit down next to Yin-Ji. “…I would rather not fight it again, if it would come to that.”
(9:31:31 PM) Fuuka: “If need be, I’ll knock Tsuna out and we’ll talk to it with him unconscious, I promise you.”
(9:31:52 PM) Yin-Ji nods. “I was terrified when I saw it knock your yoroi aside. I guess that was foolish but, I didn’t want to see it hit anyone else.” She smiles slightly.
(9:32:57 PM) Fuuka: “I…” She flushes pretty brightly red. “I appreciate it. We’ll find a way to protect these people,s omehow.”
(9:34:18 PM) Tsuna glares at Fuuka.
(9:34:56 PM) Fuuka: She gives him a flat look back. Don’t even fucking start.
(9:35:15 PM) Katsunori: Alright let’s see here.
(9:36:00 PM) Katsunori starts writing letters to his staff. Eesh, the logistics to get these villagers better living conditions will be horrid.
(9:36:10 PM) Tsuna: Like hell you’re knocking him out.
(9:36:45 PM) Fuuka: You’re an idiot with a robot arm. She can take you.
(9:36:47 PM) Katsunori without looking up. “Please stop glaring at my sister.”
(9:37:38 PM) Fuuka is now known as Kaji
(9:37:39 PM) Tsuna: “Then she shouldn’t suggest attacking me.”
(9:37:44 PM) Akemi: “…I wonder.” Akemi says, quietly, without really looking at his food. “…how many villages are having a similar youkai plague them.”

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