Matsurugi Domain, a land stained by conflict.

After generations of warfare, a new regent has been appointed by the Northern Court of the Shinto Priesthood, ushering in an uneasy peace between Matsurugi’s six warring clans. While the regent consolidates her power, however, the clans scheme and struggle to gain the power to supplant her, darkness and terror arises from the haunted battlefields and forests of her domain and even her allies cannot always be trusted when powers outside Matsurugi arise to threaten the peace that she has worked so long to build.

For this reason, in the tenth year of her reign, the Regent has established a Special Defense Brigade – the Tokuryo – to serve her in protecting her domain and its people from those who, due to greed or ambition or simply their very existence, threaten her rule.

This is their story…

Yōnen-ki no yūjō Monogatari

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