Yukimura Fuuka


Archetypes: Kabukimono (15), Paragon (20), Kimen Armor Rider (*)
Total Cost: 88
Skills:Melee (3) , Art of War:Unfolding Blade (4), Pillow Arts (3), Perform (2) Interface (2), Notice (2), Information (2)
Primary: Agility, Spirit
Attribute Penalty: 1

Body: 6
Agility: 8
Senses: 5
Knowledge: 3
Spirit: 8
Empathy: 4
Station: 5

Wounds: 6/3/2/1

Kimen Armor: Black Knight
Agi: 10(7)
Body: 6
Senses: 3
Wounds: 6/3/2/1
Vitality: 12
Skull Plume (Eyes of Distant Death)
2 Arms (Thruster Wing, Twin Blades, Cursed Lancer)
4 legs (Legs of the Water Dragon)
20x Soulgems (5)

Fates: Promise to Protect Her Friends (3), Goal: Protect the Weak (2)
Destiny: Unite her friends to stop Winter’s Spear’s rampage.
Aiki: 1


The youngest child of Yukimura Keiichi, Fuuka grew up on tales of heroism and honor, proclaiming from a young age a desire to defeat the wicked and protect the innocent. She became the leader of a band of children around her age, and promised to protect them, no matter what came of it.

And then a revolt came against the Regent. Only 12 years old, Fuuka was selected by Keiichi and the regent to pilot a meikyo armor, and with it joined the battle at Nonokawachi. Her ideals and visions of a just and glorious victory were destroyed in the fight, and the horrors of war ensured that she would never again be able to pilot a pure armor. Even so, Fuuka was determined to continue on her path, and requested a kimen armor and to continue her training. While she was trained for use of Black Knight, she dedicated herself whole-heartedly again to her ideals, seeking out any training she could for that singular purpose. In the pursuit of this ideal—that a weapon is only meant to be used to protect the weak—Fuuka lost contact with her hometown and family, although her progress could be measured by the appearance of Black Knight under the regent’s command.

Six years later, Fuuka was called by her eldest brother back to serve in the Tokuryou and the friends she’d sought to grow strong enough to protect.

Yukimura Fuuka

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