Souma Shigetsuna


Name: Souma Shigetsuna (called “Tsuna” for short back in the childhood days)
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Player: Nama
Archetypes: Wanderer(20), Kijin (15), Paragon (20), Mercenary (30)

Attribute Penalty: 4


Vitality: 13
Soul: 20

Light: [ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]
Heavy: [ ][ ][ ][ ]
Critical: [ ][ ]
Dead: [ ]

Destiny: Save the innocents in Winter Spear’s clutches.
Fate (2): Emotion: Loyalty to Yukimura Fuuka
Fate (3): Emotion: Shame of Past Weakness


  • Information(3)
  • Notice(3)
  • First Aid(2)
  • Art of War:Southern Seas One-Blade Style(4)
  • Melee Weapons(3)
  • Marksman(3)
  • Movement(3)
  • Unarmed Combat(3)
  • Pillow Arts(3)

Katana (3 damage)
Martial manuscripts
Walking stick
Kou-class mechanica arm (
8 damage on unarmed/melee/thrown, mechanica below:)

  • Five-Barrel Gatling (+3 damage, RoF 5, 30 ammo, Fired Marksmanship)
  • Explosive Spiker (+3 damage normally, +5 damage when using ammo. Unarmed.)
  • Steel War Fan (Can add +8 to dice when defending with Unarmed, but can’t counterattack when in use)

Shigetsuna was born to the Souma family, a warrior-vassal family to the Yukimuras, and while simply just a vassal, grew up as part of the circle of friends surrounding one Yukimura Fuuka. Even from an early age, he was undyingly loyal to the Yukimuras’ daughter, having gained a reputation for being willing to follow her into just about anything, the flames of hell included.

Not that that’d last.

Shigetsuna was conscripted not too long before Fuuka was sent off to learn how to pilot an armour, and sent into battle like so many else during the early days of the Torayama Revolt. His first battle, to say the least, was a disaster like little else, resulting in the loss of his arm and nearly the loss of his life. Modern science would not let that go so easily, however, as the lord in charge had him placed under kijin conversion surgery.

Shigetsuna had a new arm. A ridiculously powerful new arm, geared for fighting Armours with little difficulty. But he ultimately hated it. Aside from the fact that it was heavy beyond belief, it was an unending reminder of his weakness. That he’d need something of this sort. That it marked him as less a man and more a weapon to be used. A reminder that’d last with him until his death.

To its credit, it served him well for the rest of his conscripture—but he refused to return home afterwards. To Shigetsuna, he didn’t deserve to return, not when he had proven himself that weak. And so he wandered the Matsurugi countryside as a vigilante, taking it upon himself to continue fighting, be it bandits and other dissidents, would-be armour pilots, or even Ayakashi. He took the money if it was given, but equally often he’d just leave before anybody would give thanks.

Unbeknownst to him, home was looking for him…

Souma Shigetsuna

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